About Us

What is WorshipVue?

WorshipVue delivers downloadable media to churches around the world. We believe every church, regardless of size and budget, should have access to the highest quality videos, images, and backgrounds.

Who is WorshipVue?

WorshipVue is part of a family of websites that have grown out of PraiseCharts Publishing, Inc. Since 1998, PraiseCharts has become a leading provider of downloadable worship music resources, representing catalogs of all the major Christian music publishers. In 2010, PraiseCharts launched a total web site makeover, engaging the design and development services of Adair Creative Group. More than a single website, PraiseCharts has developed a digital distribution platform designed for the church. While PraiseCharts is focused on delivering audio and print music for worship, WorshipVue is using the same platform to deliver media for worship. WorshipVue is owned by PraiseCharts, but it is powered by a dynamic partnership between PraiseCharts and Adair Creative Group.

What makes WorshipVue different than other church media sites?

WorshipVue is standing on a solid foundation established by PraiseCharts. PraiseCharts has built a loyal customer base, a highly regarded brand in the publishing industry, and a platform on the web that has a proven success in reaching churches all around the world. Fundamentally, WorshipVue and PraiseCharts target the same customer, but from different angles. One of the new defining marks of both sites is their ability to integrate. The same customer will be able to purchase related music and media from both sites using the same account. While there are two sites, there is one login, one shopping cart, and one account. Customers looking for music will be able to quickly find related media. The strength is in the marriage. The power is in the simple integration.