In 1998, PraiseCharts began in the heart of a worship pastor looking for accessible and affordable worship music. Ever since, we have been working to resource the church with sheet music, offering digital delivery from before most people even had dial-up internet in their homes or churches.

With the same heart and intent, we have sought to add other resources to help equip the church. Some of our endeavors (like did not work out as we hoped, and others (like have been a great success!

With WorshipVue, we wanted to provide churches with a single place to find worship media from a wide variety of sources. For the past four years, we have had the joy of working with talented and passionate producers to do just that. However, a recent major data loss has presented us with an opportunity to re-evaluate our focus, and consider where our excellence and passion lies.

Through many discussions and prayer, we have decided to refocus our energies on what we do best - PraiseCharts. This means that we must say goodbye to WorshipVue, but we are encouraged to see many other companies and producers continuing to resource churches with worship media.

We are currently deep in development for the largest upgrade PraiseCharts has seen in the last five years, and we are excited to share these upgrades with you in the coming months. Saying goodbye to WorshipVue is certainly difficult in light of the significant time and resources that have been invested, but we are excited for what that will mean for the future of the PraiseCharts family of sites.

It is very possible that this seed will die, and then sprout with new life in the future. For now, WorshipVue is gone, but the core people remain - having a renewed sense of focus. It continues to be a great joy to serve you with excellence, being the best that we can be, as we pursue God's call on us to resource the church.

Ryan Dahl
Sonreign Media, Inc.

P.S. Sonreign Media offers a family of worship related services including,, and